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Peking Opera Cats Down To Earth (2020) (TV36)

Peking Opera Cats Down To Earth
genre drama / animation / children / adventure
area China
language Chinese
release date 2020-03-24
season 4

After bidding farewell to Shenzong, Xingluoban crossed the sea and arrived at Buzong, one of the twelve cats in Peking Opera. Everyone knows very little about Buzong. Cats such as Sugar and others have to enter the boundary of Buzong with various doubts. The terrain of Buzong is barren and the environment is harsh. On the road, not only to resolve the contradiction with the new member "Sea Drift", but also to stray into the desert, encounter sandstorms, face the chase and fierce attack of the cat-shaped armor "different armor", and fall into life and death due to the destruction of the materials. In crisis! Fortunately, Star Roban was united when he was in danger, and was helped by the mysterious cat "Sha Wuhen", and was able to settle down in the "cage door inn" in the desert.

director (TV36)

Peking Opera Cats Down To Earth-Wu Xiangtong Wu Xiangtong

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Peking Opera Cats Down To Earth

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