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Haha! People On Earth Season 4 (TV36)

Haha! People On Earth Season 4
genre comedy / science fiction / animation / children
area China
language Chinese
season 4

The aliens from Proxima Centauri beta, haha, hatched from the dinosaur eggs taken away from the earth by the Proxima Beta people billions of years ago. The last dinosaur in the universe, Ha Xiaolong, came to the earth with love The scientific elementary school "girl man" Gongsun Lan, her parents, Zhuge Congming, Yang Yan, rivals Sima Qingkong and her companion Xiadong, etc., took place at the Shaoke Station, at home and in the street garden. All kinds of interesting things in life, haha, in order to return to Proxima Beta, Ha Xiaolong, in order to restore the dinosaur empire, traveled through the space-time tunnel with Gongsunlan and others, explored the mysteries of the universe, and encountered countless adventures...

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