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Jinyi Fumolu (TV36)

Jinyi Fumolu
genre action / animation /
area China

After human beings lose consciousness, they will be attacked by the alien monsters attracted by evil thoughts in the "Magical Realm" at the edge of consciousness. The wounded can be unconscious and death. In order to save unconscious humans, the mysterious organization "Yu Ming Si" once affiliated with Jin Yiwei usually runs Chinese restaurants in small alleys in big cities, but secretly acts as an unsung hero who is constantly fighting fierce battles with "devil"... ....

The story is based on a modern urban background, and combines elements of youth, passion, magic, and transcendence, and crosses the three realms of man, darkness, and magic. The protagonist Shangguanci will continue to fight against his innate destiny, and finally understand his mission and the meaning of existence.

director (TV36)

Chen Baiyan Chen Baiyan

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Jinyi Fumolu Jinyi Fumolu

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