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Interstellar Agents (2020) (TV36)

Interstellar Agents
genre science fiction / animation
area China
language Chinese
release date 2020-08-26

An unexpected package was sent from outer space. This is actually a set of luxurious game equipment. It includes 5 robot soldiers sent to conquer the world. Their names are Hult. He is the captain of the five-man army. The leaders and funny people inside are often despised by the other four members. The mantra is "burn it"; Spinach is the team's sniper. Although he is a girl, he doesn't talk too much. Every time he plays, he must Huang Xiaobing, a very loveless communication soldier, loves the princess doll "Mimi", often commits nympho, fantasizes about love, and his catch phrase is to say "Hug me"; power, teamwork In charge of weapons and power, he is the legendary Tie Hanhan himself. The mantra is "I'm so hungry"; McGrady, the medical soldier in the team, seems to have a bad temper, but he faces various difficulties with a smile every time , There is nothing in the whole world that he can't repair, but every time something he repairs, there will be unexpected "surprise". They are all very small, but they have unimaginable combat effectiveness. Especially after the five small pieces are successfully combined, their combat effectiveness is comparable to a hundred-man army. The most important thing is that they are full of positive energy and will never give up when encountering difficulties. , To face the difficulties, and not to associate with the villains. They call themselves "T-Warriors" (there will be "X-Warriors" in the second season), regard this Earth Boy as a "client" and hope that he will command and execute special operations, but what can this kid allow them to do ? This is very worth looking forward to. In this way, one by one, the robot warriors full of passion and the mortal kid on earth embarked on an adventurous journey to conquer the world.

cast (TV36)

Li Haorui Li Haorui

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Interstellar Agents

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