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Hyun Dou Xiao Q (2019) (TV36)

Hyun Dou Xiao Q
genre animation / children
area China
language Chinese
release date 2019-04-17

Little Q elves have built a beautiful town in the desert without an oasis—Q Meng Town. The town is full of various living facilities suitable for little Q elves, which is a paradise for little Q elves. Behind the days of Q cute town and Ping Le, a group of little Q elves with their own talents are silently trying to maintain order. They are the "Q Detective Guards". The days when Q Mengzhen had been in peace, was suddenly completely broken by a group of uninvited guests-Heiqiqi, Evil Shadow, and Light Speed ​​Eyes three strange foreign little Q. The dark gang frequently sneaked into Q Meng Town, and from time to time they were confused by all kinds of new and interesting living facilities in the town. On the other side, the three of them continued to implement a series of mysterious and meticulous collection plans. For a while, they used strange mechanical parts to replace screwdrivers and wrenches from the town, and for a while they secretly misappropriated the town’s water and electricity resources, and for a while they came into the town in disguise. Selling expired canned fish...Even they started the idea of ​​the Xuandou launcher at the headquarters of the "Q Detective Guard"! In several confrontations, the members of the Q Detective Guard Team gradually discovered that the actions of the black three people were suffering. It turned out that the three people of Heiqiqi came from an alien. The interstellar spacecraft they were riding accidentally crashed into the deserted rust ruins outside Qmeng Town. They were excessively damaged, lacking parts, living materials, and energy, and in short they could not return. In the end, the Q detectives who knew the whole story resolutely decided to clear up their suspicions with the Hei Qiqi trio, and tried their best to help the Hei Qiqi trio return to their hometown, and Q Meng Town ushered in complete peace. On the contrary, the three of them got the chance to go home, but whether to leave or stay became the final and most critical test for them.

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Hyun Dou Xiao Q

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