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How To Train The Dragon Fighter (2019) (TV36)

How To Train The Dragon Fighter
genre animation / children
area China
language Chinese
release date 2019-04-25
season 1

In the future world, all kinds of cute little dinosaurs live everywhere. Some of them have been tamed and lived with humans like pets, while others lived freely everywhere in the wild. Every child is eager to have their own little dinosaurs and become a master of taming dinosaurs-dragon taming fighters. The necessary condition for becoming a dragon taming fighter is to successfully conquer 3 little dinosaurs and participate in the dragon training competition.

There is a group of children who love dinosaurs. They are passionate and motivated, Caixuan who is a good teacher, Xiaohao who loves cooking, and Haiyue who is maverick. They have joined together on the adventure of tame dinosaurs. They advocated the probation and tame of the little dinosaurs, fighting with the hunting teams that were tough to capture or even steal other people’s dinosaurs, and rescued the captured dinosaurs from them. They also influenced and tame many little dinosaurs, and established deep friendship with them. Eventually, he participated in the dragon training competition as he wished and became a true dragon training fighter.

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How To Train The Dragon Fighter

film review (TV36)

Basically, the pet elf is replaced, with dinosaur to replace the elf, the dinosaurs are called their name, the two teams that have always been configured with the Rockets to block the protagonist, each time you have to have it.Declaration of bad guys in the event.3D modeling is rough, the action is blunt, and the explosion flame effect is not counting the cost.
guest review Tue Jun 08 2021

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