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Dazzling Battle Wheel (TV36)

Dazzling Battle Wheel
genre animation
area China
language Chinese

The world's most popular sports competition, dazzling battle wheel, the 2019 global competition has kicked off, and players from all over the world are gearing up for the competition. Long Xiaohui, a new martial artist with extraordinary potential, Dongfang Yue, a talented master, Maui, and Lu Heng, a double-faced man, formed the "Oriental Dragon Team" and embarked on the journey of the World Championship ! In the constant challenges, the partners overcome difficulties and courageously. With the support of their friends, from an unknown team to the biggest dark horse of the season, they have become a new star that inspires countless young people to chase their dreams! On the stage of the World Series finals, the world’s most powerful enemy "North American Stars" was on the verge of being eliminated. Everyone understood the essence of sports competition, which is to surpass oneself! Only by surpassing ourselves can we surpass the opponent's calculation! Everyone put aside their obsession to defeat their opponents, launched a challenge to their limits, and finally defeated their opponents and won the championship of the world finals, creating a miracle!

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Dazzling Battle Wheel

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