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In That Distant Place (2019) (TV36)

In That Distant Place
genre animation
area China
language Chinese
release date 2019-11-12
season 1

episodes (TV36)

A group of dancers on the grassland—Diagonal Gazelle live near Qinghai Lake. The tribe has always said that behind the railway at the east end of the grassland, there is a shaking "God of Fire". Although the tribe has been threatened by wolves, they dare not cross the boundary. The small diagonal antelope "Mo Ji" in the ethnic group prefers odd-heartedness and is interested in "Vulcan". While avoiding a wolf attack, the injured Mo Ji crossed the “dangerous line” (railway) mentioned by the elders and came to the territory of “Vulcan”. He was rescued by Luo Renping and his daughter who were working here. Luo Renping loves to play the piano, and Mo Ji is addicted to Luo Renping's piano and dances lightly. But her daughter Luo Jingjing couldn't move Mo Ji because of her poor piano skill. Luo Renping works mysteriously and busy, and does not often go home. Missing her dad, Jingjing wanted to play a song as beautiful as her dad to make Mo Ji dance and surprise her dad. Based on the background of my country’s independent manufacture of nuclear weapons in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, this work shows the spirit of "two bombs and one star" through the perspective of cartoon animals and the love between scientists and fathers and daughters.

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In That Distant Place

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