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A Perfect World (2021) (TV36)

A Perfect World
genre animation / fantasy
area China
language Chinese
release date 2021-04-23
season 1

"Perfect World" Animation Adaptation Self-name Novels.He is born for the monk, for the robbery, he tonizes hundreds of millions of blood rain, sprinkles the ancient years, experience countless time and space, the baptism of the long river, he is eager to take it.Look at the male main stone, how is it in his life, and creates endless legends.

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A Perfect World A Perfect World

film review (TV36)

Non-author, I feel that the world is very popular, and it seems that there will be a lot of fierce beasts, imagination is!Some of the story of the next story is expected
guest review Sun Apr 25 2021
Lan Qing!!Okay, look forward to Anzhen expecting Anzhen to look forward to Anzhen ... The biggest wish say three times!!When I am, I am not enemy.
guest review Sun Apr 25 2021
Why do you like these garbage director like to play the fantasy to Korean drama?I don't know what to install in my mind, forcibly divide a few small fart in Shi Village, then let the protagonist B, this director does not play the god of War unfortunately.And this special effect is really old.
guest review Sun Apr 25 2021

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