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Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit - (2022) (TV36)

Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit -
genre animation
area Japan
language Japanese
release date 2022-01-10

The TV animation of the "Fantasy Three Kingdoms", the "Fantasy Three Kingdoms", which is the game "Fantasy Three Kingdoms", which is the "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" in Taiwan, will be a new original plot. During the Three Kingdoms, the players of the quilts should be a few (CV: Xiaoyong Xun), Xiaoling (CV:Jin Yuan Shouzi), 洵 洵 (CV: Zhongyuan Siyi), Ding Research (CV: Gu Chuan Dao)

The background of the story begins with the three national three countries -

The end of the dynasty.Shenzhou Zhongyuan is ushered in the era of group and male.

All roads are engraved with their own force, fighting and trying to dominate the world.

In the dark, the Wang Wang's figure expanded the war to enhance his strength, staring at these English.

Let the 魍魉 attached to them, extend their chaos, and plan all all the destruction in the world, intend to destroy its history balance.

In order to compete with it, the organization named Tianyuan sent a "魉 队", attempted to have a winner, and destroyed the ambition of the king.

Among them, the six teams who have been fully overtielded in the absence of it have been composed.

The captured players are all members of their own special reasons.

As a few, the captain and the seal should be a few, the net spirit makes the Ding Joong, the governer, and the little spirit of "ghost".

Each other is holding past shadows, in order to survive, or in order to guard your partners,

This work is to describe the active and its growth of the new 魉魉 六.

director (TV36)

Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit --Shunji Machiya Shunji Machiya

writer (TV36)

Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit --Suzuki Yaci Suzuki Yaci

photos (TV36)

Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit - Fantasy Three Kingdoms - Tianyuan Spirit -

film review (TV36)

guest review Wed Nov 03 2021

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