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Sherlock Season 3 (2014) (TV36)

9.3/10 27,212
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Sherlock Season 3
genre drama / mystery / crime
area UK
language English
release date 2014-01-12
IMDb ID tt2781046

Lady Elizabeth Smallwood is one of many victims of master blackmailer and media tycoon Charles Augustus Magnussen and asks Holmes to retrieve some incriminating letters for her. Having cultivated Magnussen's secretary Janine, Holmes breaks into Magnussen's office but is confronted by a mysterious black-clad woman, who shoots him. He recovers in hospital and goes after her to discover her identity and reason for wanting the blackmailer dead before he and Watson visit Magnussen at his country house for a confrontation and shoot-out.

director (TV36)

Sherlock Season 3-Nick Herron Nick Herron

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Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3 Sherlock Season 3

film review (TV36)

The BBC seems to have a message for Rupert Murdoch
Who'd have thought that a Scandinavian media magnate blackmailing political dignitaries as a pastime would be a compelling villain in a programme of Sherlock's calibre? Well, brownie point if you did, but that's not what matters. Instead, it's that "His Last Vow" managed to make me look forward to the return of Sherlock again after the third series only had me coming up with more and more imaginative synonyms for 'disappointment' thus far.
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020
I'm rewatching this and I almost forgot how good this was! Everything about this episode is perfection! Cumberbatch and Abbington are phenomenal... But Freeman? Nooo, Freeman is in another realm! His portrayal generates the whole emotional load of the season! The 2nd and 3rd most important aspect of this episode in no particular order are of course the writing and the MUSIC! Oh, the music! It's perfection! Nuances in the EXACTLY the right places! I need to keep rewatching that to not forget how brilliant this is!
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020
Better than previous episode
Well after completing three series i can say that so far the journey was extraordinary . Series 3 may not be the best series probably because of the second episode the three signs but the first and particularly the last one,his last vow were awesome. I fervently wish that the entire team of sherlock comes with a bang this time . And i can say that i am deeply satisfied how the series is running. Talk about favorites,Than my personal favorites were three episodes the Reichenberg falls , a scandal in Bulgaria and his last vow and the best series was undoubtedly series 2.I just hope that they never change the cast especially martin freeman
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020

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