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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020) (TV36)

7.8/10 12,604
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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
genre animation
area USA
release date 2020-05-05
IMDb ID tt11079148

A Sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) involving Jack Kirby's New Gods.

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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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A touching and badass way to end an era.
I'm not even lying I think it's one of the top superhero movies I've ever seen. It's gutsy, visually stunning and the film shows honest sides of characters we don't get to see often, it's show the humanness of all the hero's even the non humans. It breaks down the real reasons that they fight and survive. This film depicted the heroes we love and have grown to see in this universe shift the narrative and gain strength till the end of the fight. Also the gore and cursing made it seem more like the comics and more realistic and anything else. Pushing the envelope has always worked in these types of films. An instant classic and the mold for all future animated endeavors.
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020
Just wow.
Pretty much one of the most epic DC movies. I love the fact that the direction doesnt focus on the fights but on the actual story and characters. Superman fights Darkside? We seen this a million times before and it's boring. instead, this movie lets the fights be in the background as emotional stuff are in focus. Darkside does some truly shocking things and we get the resolution of many questions such as what's up with Raven's father. The movie creates an epic and very satisfying 'finale' for the JLA. The only problem I found in the movie is that you need to know who each character is and what they do in order to appreciate the magnificence of this masterpiece. And you need to excuse how magic works because it's just a plot device but thankfully doesn't challenge much the suspension of disbelief. I love how Batman was utilized and the ending was the only possible ending you could have. So many brilliant ideas were thrown in this movie! Well done guys!
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020
Wow! What an amazing, beautiful, and bittersweet movie
I'll never understand why Warner Brothers refuse to let the writers for the animated movies write the live action movies. Ever since I was a child, their animated movies and storytelling have been amazing. One of my forever DC animated movies is Batman's Mask of the Phantasm. At first I wasn't crazy about the new 52 movies, but after they tweaked simple things like placing Clark back with Lois and Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor, I grew to love it. They did a wonderful job setting up this universe and this movie was a masterpiece. I like that they didn't play it safe. This movie is way better than Endgame.The major plot point for Endgame made more sense in this movie and I liked they didn't play that card until it made sense in an "end of an era" way to create a new chapter. I will watch this movie again but well done to the writers, animators, and all who put together such a wonderful universe, with a great understanding of the characters, giving them their moments to shine, and also a great yet poetic sendoff. I also never understood how the powers of Constantine fit in with the DC universe or Justice League. Now, I understand. Will definitely miss this version of Bruce, Damian, and Dick/Nightwing. Heck, I'll miss this version of alot of the superheroes. But it was a great sendoff and look forward for the next era of the DCAU. Awesome movie!!!
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020

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