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Raat Akeli Hai (2020) (TV36)

7.3/10 11,480
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Raat Akeli Hai
genre drama / mystery / thriller / crime
area India
release date 2020-07-31
IMDb ID tt12567088

An aged and rich politician is found dead on his wedding night with a very young girl. A local cop is assigned the task to investigate the crime. As all circumstantial evidence points towards the young bride, our cop is hell bent on opening the Pandora's box and digs in to an old unresolved case putting him at risk.

director (TV36)

Henney Trehan Henney Trehan

writer (TV36)

Smita Singh Smita Singh

photos (TV36)

Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai Raat Akeli Hai

film review (TV36)

BOB BISWAS of Raat akeli Hai
Raat Akeli Hai is an excellent watch of Whodunit genre.. Everyone is excellent... Nawaz, Radhika... all the known names performed well.. But for me one character stands out... He doesn't have a dialogue in movie.. He speaks through his eyes.. It sends chills down your spine... His walk... will make you run out of fear... You will love to hate him seeing his potrayal of that nameless character.. He is to RAH what Bob biswas was to KAHAANI... I was curious who that actor is?... After some research got to know he is RAVI SAH... a ftii trained talent from a small town called purnea in Bihar.. Congratulations man... You were outstanding in that small role.. You made your presence felt in opening sequence itself.. Looking forward for many more 👍👍💐
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
Great Plot, Screenplay and Acting!!
Every actor in the movie plays his/her part so beautifully that it feels like a masterpiece. Don't watch it if you just want a great crime mystery, you might have seen better. Specially for those who are crime movie/novel fanatics, the climax may not be too surprising or shocking. What makes this movie great is the amazing acting and the little stories hidden in the journey of solving the case. The movie might seem to be a little on the longer side,but it's not due to stupid songs or unnecessary screen time given to showcase the lead couple romancing in the woods. That is one reason that the movie doesn't feel like a drag. The movie addresses some grave social issues to which the onscreen cast appears nonchalant but the message reaches the audience loud and clear. Their are no long lectures/speeches at the end of the movie about how our society is so wrong and what should change. But the emotions say it all. It's just amazing. All in all, this movie is a great watch for those who appreciate the subtle humour, sarcasm, despair along with a good storyline.
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
India's Answer to Knives Out!
Rant Akeli Hai(a whodunit or a murder mystery film) Appreciation Post- The film follows a cop played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui who investigates a famous politician's murder, and in between find himself between his suspicious family and his own affection towards a family member too. First let me tell you why I got attracted towards this film, and if the attraction actually justifies after seeing the film or not? 1- Huge ensemble caste- The film posses a powerful caste like Tigmanshu Dhilia, Shweta Tripathi, Radhika Apte and some other veteran actors. Each and every character in this murder mystery serves a purpose and support the narrative. 2- Nawazuddin Siddiqui - Oh man he again shows his talent, his character is very layered, on a hand he is insecure towards his skin colour and uses Fair & Lovely. On the other hand he is fearless, stubborn, smart towards his job and towards finding the truth, that who murdered this famous politician. Note- There is a very different love story in the film that is happening during the film is perfectly tide in the narrative. You will defiantly feel that how great the narrative is happening. Now let me tell you what works for me in the film- 1- A top notch murder mystery or a whodunit film- After the perfect trailer and the runtime of the film give me a strange comfort that we are here for a top notch ride. Ya, it is a long two and a half hour film, ya it is a slow burn. But due to the immersive and atmospheric experience, you feel invested in every single minute of the film. 2- Technically Brilliant & Immersive Experience - The cinematography by Pankaj Kumar, the atmospheric sound design, lighting that sometime shows that what indicates the mindset, music that makes the situation even grittier. Top notch editing, that enhances the thrills. 3- A very satisfying climax of this slow burn- If we are watching a slow burn murder mystery, you will definitely expect the gut wrenching climax, that you don't even imagine in your dreams, and thank God you will definitely find one, thanks for the brilliant writing, well polished dialogues and interactions, and chemistry between the characters. Well prepared dialogues, layered writing and great chemistry between characters , superb screenplay, masterful performances made this murder mystery , one of the best experience of this year! Go for it Asap! Follow my insta - @gaalbaaz
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020

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