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A Dog's Journey (2019) (TV36)

7.5/10 17,002
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A Dog's Journey
genre drama / comedy /
area China / India / Hong Kong / USA
release date 2019-05-17
IMDb ID tt8385474

A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

director (TV36)

Gail Mancuso Gail Mancuso

photos (TV36)

A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey A Dog's Journey

film review (TV36)

Unique movie best that i watch for this year
Such perfect movie , evrytging was so good cast ,dogs the way it was film it was verry tuching i cry several times it was heart breaking and so wonderfull. I rarely write any coments and more rare positive one's on flat and stupit movies that comes evry year just alot of effects and no actual meaning (blockbusters) this movie is superb and evry one must watch it not only ppl who love dogs and animals , all ppl even if you cry its both sadness and happiness i dont know how to explain it . Its just wonderfull movie .
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
An absolutely brilliant dog movie!
First of all, the film is absolutely brilliant! I like the way they put benevolent humanity and dogs' loyalty together. This combination is probably the most remarkable thing on earth 'cause love between them is pure and flawless. This film also reminds me of my own dog, her name is Maxine. She was poisoned and the killer was never be found. Ever since then i haven't get another dog and wish she will come back one day just like what the movie told. Keeping her safe means lots of responsibilities to me and i also knew the law can't support dogs in the same way what it did to human. But still, those precious memories that remain are the best part of my life. This world is a mess and having a dog is the most satisfying thing to me. And i am really looking forward to seeing next '' A Dog's...'' film in the cinema.
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
One Of The Best Movies I Have Ever Seen
This movie is literally one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has to be top 3-5 movies ever. It's up there with movies like Ghost and Lion King. I'm already an animal lover, and huge dog lover, and this movie just gives me more reason to love and cherish my little four legged friends. I'm not going to go into details of the movie in my post because I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but I will tell you this much, bring some tissues with you. Not because the movie is sad, it will be happy tears that you will be wiping away. Just an amazing movie. A masterpiece. I brought my kids to go see it and they loved it. Cane straight home to hug and kiss their dogs. Again....its an amazing movie. One of the best I have ever seen in my entire life. Do not pay attention to these critics who rate the movie low or say anything negative about it, those people are fools. Their job is to critique a movie and look for negatives. Notice the huge discrepancies between rotten tomatoes reviews on movies compared to the public's opinion of a's always a huge difference. Mark my words, go and see this movie with your kids and family and friends. You guys will not be disappointed. And again, bring some tissues for your happy tears.
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020

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