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The Last Dance (2020) (TV36)

9.2/10 66,152
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The Last Dance
genre documentary
area USA
language English
release date 2020-04-19
IMDb ID tt8420184

Charting the rise of the 1990's Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, one of the most notable dynasties in sports history.

director (TV36)

Jason Hayhill Jason Hayhill

photos (TV36)

The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance

film review (TV36)

"It's personal". For 10 episodes straight. GREAT.
This is a remarkable docu-series, kudos on the direction and putting it all together, making it very exciting to watch. Undeniably, Jordan is the master in finding motivation, out of nowhere...! He is simply the GOAT. And also the rest of the Bulls make this dynasty memorable and bring back a nostalgia for the 90s. Some time jumps are a bit exaggerated and some things maybe are brushed off too fast, while other events get a greater mention than they should; that's the only negative thing I could spot. The rest looks great, especially the remastered footage and the interviews. If you are not familiar with the 90s Bulls and Michael Jordan -which would be rare- then this will provide a 360 view on the legend. 10/10
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020
Simply astonishing
From the first episode I was gripped. The story of how the boy became the man, then became good, then outstanding, then the greatest basketball player in history, then transcended beyond the sport to immortality. A inner fire, unpossesed by many except a few in history, drove a man, team and coach to greatness. A must watch and despite all this team did to forever change the face of basketball they seem humble and respectful of the game. The last dance carries the viewer from humble beginnings to feeling like part of the immortal team that was the Chicago bulls. Lead by the greatest, most determined, driven, focused, competitive, game orientated and living in the moment athlete the world has seen. Simply.The Best.
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020
Nothing more than perfection!
A perfect team, perfect organisation and perfect documentary! I was reading some of the media texts that came out between the episodes that were trying to be sensational or finding something bad about Michael Jordan and it's silly really almost insulting to the audience to analyse the same thing you're watching and make exaggerating titles or conclusions nothing to do with seen on the show. Michael was an ultimate old school warrior in sport arena and a great person outside it and because of his energy, strong will power and just being Michael Jordan he was and will be the greatest sportsmen ever. A living legend! The storytelling is superb as it pulls you in from start so much...pure joy. As a result you can see the way he did things still makes those around him not only proud but blessed that they were the lucky ones to actually do it with him. Total respect! Hats down! A must see!
guest review Fri Sep 18 2020

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