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The Last Dance (2020) (TV36)

9.2/10 66,152
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The Last Dance
genre documentary
area USA
language English
release date 2020-04-19
IMDb ID tt8420184

Charting the rise of the 1990's Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, one of the most notable dynasties in sports history.

director (TV36)

The Last Dance-Jason Hayhill Jason Hayhill

photos (TV36)

The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance The Last Dance

film review (TV36)

From 1998, the last dance reviewed Jordan's cattle career, all the way. In the 1998 Bulls, the contradiction between management and Phil Jackson, Piphon's back injury, Rodman's rebellion, core old, the whole team walked in the end of dissolution, Jordan is still difficult to join the finals. That summer, in Utah, the sixth game of Chicago Bull and Jazz finals, and finally, Jordan steals Carl Malone, calm the ball to the front field, with a "push-to-person suspicion" emergency stop movement Russell, the ball is incorporated into the web, the grace is elegant, and the background is a silence of silence. The score is finalized at 87-86, the bull is victorious, and the sixth crown is won. Jordan scores a 1 + 5 gesture for both hands than the world, and then holds Phil Jackson: "I have a belief, my heart is convinced." I didn't know how many times, as I did this year. Tears. P.s just looked at the gentleness of the piston in that year, and then look at the prototype of NBA, it is imagined. "Because he has talked about it, he kept great, it was unparalleled. 9.5
guest review Thu May 20 2021
God!This is the first episode!
guest review Thu May 20 2021
This documentary ten stars walked, as a hardcore, fans & Jordan fans, experienced a bit drop in the last season. At that time, the first place in the regular season lost to the Celtics, Pip Peng missed a lot of regular season.The last regular season is not as good as the Jazz, lost the main strength of the finals.The most powerful pedestrians led by the Eastern final Lariber put the bull to the seventh game, the bull fans said that they were not afraid that the wall is lie.The final throne showed the unmanned waist force, the upper body is parallel to the floor, then pull back the upper body to complete the shoot is our most brilliant memories of our generation.I am very expected to write comments to this documentary for the Chinese first Joe Blowno!
guest review Thu May 20 2021

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