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Black Mirror Season 2 (2014) (TV36)

9.1/10 49,977
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Black Mirror Season 2
genre drama / science fiction / thriller
area UK
language English
release date 2014-12-16
IMDb ID tt3973198

Joe Potter wakes up on the Christmas Day and finds his talkative co-worker Matt Trent preparing the Christmas dinner. They have been working together for five years in a remote outpost in the middle of nowhere in the snow. Joe does not like to talk, but Matt decides to tell his story. Matt was helping the shy Harry to seduce the beautiful Jennifer in a party using the "Z-Eye" implanted in his eyes in an illegal procedure. Harry succeeds and they go to Jennifer's apartment but things go awry and they die. Matt delete the evidences of his participation but his wife blocks him and they become invisible and inaudible to each other. Then Matt explains that he really worked with a chip called Cookie, capable to make a digital copy of the user. Then he forced the copy to serve the real user through torture manipulating time to break any resistance from the copy. Joe decides to tell why he came to the outpost and he explains that he lived with Beth. One night, they have dinner with their ...

director (TV36)

Karl Tibbets Karl Tibbets

writer (TV36)

Charlie Brook Charlie Brook

photos (TV36)

Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2 Black Mirror Season 2

film review (TV36)

Darkest of all... was the real reason Spall and Hamm were there.
White Christmas' nightmarish tales of isolation might be dark, but they show sage concern about the kind of world we're building for ourselves. Much about this episode is fed by things we've seen in previous Black Mirrors, particularly the use of technology, but overall it's a damning indictment of the callousness of humans; what a lovely Christmassy subject!
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020
Psychologic drama
My favorite episode. Although perfection doesn´t exist, I could not find any fault in this one. There are several facts about human nature that are all hitting the spot (how human nature needs to be kept busy, how our perception of the world is always biased, etc). The end of the leading story may be predictable but the direction is so good that the suspense is working until it is revealed.
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020
Blissfully dark viewing. Darker then the toast.
I think the first time round I watched it I didn't fully absorb into it, subsequently I would now class it as one of the very best. It's is definitely one of the darkest, bleakest and down right sadistic episodes, and for a show like Black Mirror that's really saying something. I've tried to think up one narrative that links each episode of Black Mirror, and it's tough, the closest I've gotten is that mankind will always use technology to take advantage of others, be it monetary, political or for love. We get three stories in this episode and that rule could definitely apply in each case. I love the idea of three stories combining to make one, it's a technique that's not often used, but when it does it's hugely satisfying, each story links with each other, elements would also reappear in later stories, such as Arkangel.
guest review Fri Sep 25 2020

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