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Jihun (2021) (TV36)

genre mystery / crime
area China / Taiwan
release date 2021-01-15
IMDb ID tt13598976

The prosecutor Liang Jian (Zhang Zhen) suffering from cancer and his wife Abang (Jining Zhang) are about to welcome their children. Liang Jian recently took over a difficult case: the famous group chairman Wang Shicong died at home, and the deceased son Wang Tianyou, Young wife Li Yan, long-time friend Dr. Wan, and even the dead ex-wife Tang Suzhen, everyone has an intricate relationship with his death. As more clues gradually surfaced, the relationship between the suspects became more complicated. Sometimes what was seen was not the truth, Liang Jian gradually discovered the amazing secrets hidden under the murder...

director (TV36)

Cheng Weihao Cheng Weihao

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Jihun Jihun Jihun Jihun Jihun

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guest review Fri Nov 20 2020
guest review Fri Nov 20 2020
guest review Fri Nov 20 2020

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