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Jane Got a Gun (2015) (TV36)

Jane Got a Gun
genre drama / action / west
area USA
language English
release date 2015-12-31
IMDb ID tt2140037

director (TV36)

Gavin O'Connor Gavin O'Connor

photos (TV36)

Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun Jane Got a Gun

film review (TV36)

Underrated movie, make up your own opinion and write a review!
So it is rated currently in Oktober 2016, for a 5.8... Why so low?! I have seen many, many movies. This is a gem!!!
guest review Tue Sep 22 2020
Please no more "Got a gun but can't shoot" titles!
Because Blockbuster video had a section titled "Westerns" people seem to have come to the expectation that anything taking place during the 1800's has to follow a certain formula, centering around gunfights. But really, "Western" is more a category for it's time placement, which can fall into different genres. Jane Got A Gun is first and foremost a Drama-Suspense-quasi-romance; it's a story that could be told, in the large view, anywhere or anytime. But then there are the particular details of this story that make it unique to the west and help to dictate the decisions that have brought the characters to where they are in life.
guest review Tue Sep 22 2020
"Jane Got a Gun" - and an excellent western!
Natalie Portman in a western? (I mean, isn't she the girl who won an Oscar for "Black Swan" and played Queen Amidala in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy?) What about Joel Edgerton (from "The Warrior", "Exodus: Gods and Kings" and "The Gift")? Or Ewan McGregor, who was also in "Star Wars" Episodes 1-3 as well as unusual movies like "Moulin Rouge!", "The Men Who Stare at Goats" and "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"? Then there's Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, who famously played Persian King Xerxes in the "300" movies. I'd answer all those objections with another question: Why not? After all, stretching is important for actors. When they play against type, we often get surprisingly enjoyable performances from our favorite thespians – and these gutsy actors sometimes find entirely new niches for themselves.
guest review Tue Sep 22 2020

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