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The Virginian (TV36)

The Virginian
genre west
area Canada
language English
IMDb ID tt2788332

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The Virginian The Virginian

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Simple and realistic like
If you rent this expecting to see the old Virginian forget it. This a realistic like simple movie of what it may have been like in some areas. The act was very good. As for Adkins I have heard of him, never heard him sing (no singing here) but he was convincing. All acting was quite good. Ron Pearlman gave his typically excellent performance.
guest review Thu Oct 29 2020
A solid Western with credibility and realism.
Can't understand thew the 1/10 reviews on IMDb. Okay it has nothing to do with the old T.V series and should really not have a cash-in title. On it's own it's a worthy production and seems very authentic to those simplistic, rugged times. I'm a massive fan of the genre and can safely say, this is certainly worth a view (to judge for yourself). The performances all round were excellent to.
guest review Thu Oct 29 2020
A rather convincing old style western.
The acting was convincing, and the scenery was quite breathtaking. It offered a clear image of wilderness and wide open spaces. This was a realistic portrayal of what life was probably like in this time period of the old west. It was a bit gritty at times, but I am certain the old west was not as "romantic" as some movies and books try to portray it. The rugged old log buildings certainly looked authentic. There was a surprise ending I did not see coming. I use to have a good time predicting sub plots but this one fooled me completely. I can't give too much info here or it will ruin the story for others. Just trust that most fans of western style movies will enjoy this.
guest review Thu Oct 29 2020

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