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The Frisco Kid (1979) (TV36)

The Frisco Kid
genre comedy / west
area USA
language Yiddish / English
release date 1979-07-13
IMDb ID tt0079180

director (TV36)

Robert Aldrich Robert Aldrich

photos (TV36)

The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid The Frisco Kid

film review (TV36)

Sweet and real movie about friendship
When "The Frisco Kid" first came out, people were expecting a Mel Brooks type of comedy, because Gene Wilder had been in Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein (and The Producers). And because of this the film wasn't appreciated as it should have been. Comedies don't have to be vulgar, they don't have to resort to toilet humor, unless that is the type of comedy that a film maker does best. Here is an example of a sweet story, which probably can tell you so much about being Jewish in a non-Jewish world than any other movie. Gene Wilder jumping off the cliff, yelling Sheeeee-it, and Harrison Ford following, yelling Oy Kavol! is one of moviedom's funniest moments.Gene Wilder telling Harrison Ford, "You are my best friend. You're my only friend!" one of the most honestly emotional moments. The chemistry between the two is magical. They should have done more. The DVD release has been long awaited.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
An overlooked comedy gem with first rate performances by Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder.
Often exquisite little masterpieces such as this get by the critics and audiences alike the first time around. An early Harrison Ford effort, the story and direction uses his straight forward comedic under-playing of a shiftless western drifter against Gene Wilder's best "controlled hysteria" school of acting portrayal of a Polish rabbinical school dropout who meet in the middle of nowhere as Wilder heads to San Francisco to fulfill a dead end assignment. What develops between this most unlikely pair is not only first rate comedy, but a touching story about friendship and how it can evolve in the most doubtful circumstances between two most improbable candidates. If you take the time to watch it more than once, you are sure to find yet another exquisite moment between these two that you missed the last time you watched it. This is satire at its best. An astute and subtle western send-up with a heart-warming underplot.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
I read all the commentaries and disagree with most, but particularly those who moan about this being "slow" for the first 45 minutes. Look. This is a classic. The story is great. A misanthropic rabbi comes to a congregation in San Francisco and get waylaid and falls into (mis)adventures with a seedy character. This unlikely duo make their way to SF undergoing a number of adventures. If you do not understand the yiddishekeit of this film, go take a look at the Marx brothers. The scene where battered Wilder sees the Amish and goes screaming in Yiddish only to discover the cross in the bible in one of the farmer's pockets and faints dead away, is worth the price of admission along. The voting scene at the Yeshiva where only the little boy votes for Wilder invoking the older Rabbi turning his eyes to heaven and saying, "It's going to be close!" is likewise great. This is zany Yiddish theater at its best. Wilder, always overacting, is SUPERB as the rabbi. Ford is merely great as the kindhearted outlaw. The bad guys are bad, the characters they meet along the way, Schiavelli and veteran character actor Ian Wolfe are great as the Trappist monks, even Joe Kapp is great as the Mexican RR worker. This is great watching and one of my favorite films. Don't knock it. It's hilarious. Check it out!
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020

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