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The Honkers (1972) (TV36)

The Honkers
genre drama / comedy / action / west
area USA
language English
release date 1972
IMDb ID tt0068711

director (TV36)

Steve Ihnat Steve Ihnat

writer (TV36)

Steve Ihnat Steve Ihnat

photos (TV36)

The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers The Honkers

film review (TV36)

The Honkers - One of the Best Westerns Made
This is one of those movies that was never publicized and therefore was missed when it originally played in the theaters.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
Seriously underratd film
Ebert was needlessly harsh in reference to Coburn's scene hogging, and gave the film 2 stars. He loved a few performances, and Picken's certainly played well the loyal "mascot" - a perfect term for his character. The performances are fine - and the rodeo scenes are well done and executed. Yes there are a few inserted pointless plot devices but overall, I think it a terribly underrated film. Coburn plays the "rake" well enough, and I found his character more sympathetic than most. Most of his downfall is attributable to making a stand for the sake of his wife's "honor". knowing full well he is not good enough for her. Another reason to watch would be Anne Archer. in what was her first role. She isn't much of an Indian of course, despite her head band (nice try) but oh so lovely in a De Tomaso Pantera nonetheless.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
I co-wrote this picture--therefore I think it's pretty good.
"The Honkers" is probably Slim Pickens best performance of all time. When we were shooting, everyone connected with the production figured that Slim was Academy Award material. Unfortunately, United Artists had a James Bond picture in release at the same time and did not devote much attention to "The Honkers". I personally feel this film was under-rated by most critics. Sam Peckinpaw's "Junior Bonner" was out at the same time and seemed to impress the critics more than our film. Also, Cliff Robertson had a rodeo film out a few months before our release and that might have hurt us, too. The picture is worth watching, if just for the rodeo footage--some of the best ever filmed--shot by James Crabbe. The director and my co-writer, Steve Ianat, died a few weeks after the picture's release, cutting short a promising career and leaving behind his lovely wife Sally, his daughter, Gaby, and newborn son, Stefan. Please give this movie a shot. I'm betting that you'll say it was well worth while. I thank anyone who has taken the time to read this. Stephen Lodge
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020

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