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The Hatfields and the McCoys (1975) (TV36)

The Hatfields and the McCoys
genre drama / action / west
area USA
language English
release date 1975
IMDb ID tt0073093

writer (TV36)

Clyde Ware Clyde Ware

photos (TV36)

The Hatfields and the McCoys The Hatfields and the McCoys

film review (TV36)

The Hatfield - McCoy feud of Appalachia is America's most famous feud, even if others were bloodier and more intense. It started when "Devil" Anse Hatfield, a West Virginia logger and Confederate militia leader, was suspected in the death of Harmon McCoy during the Civil War. Harmon, a Union soldier from across the river in Kentucky, made the mistake of recoperating in the pro-Confederate area and paid with his life. Although there was no proof that Hatfield killed Harmon or ordered such, the suspicion lingered. It rose to the surface later when Randall McCoy, Harmon's brother and family leader in what followed, accused a Hatfield of apprehending a free-feeding McCoy hog. McCoy's claims were refuted at a trial, starting what would be the start of a streak of terrible misfortune.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
Sheer and utter crap.
As an actual descendant of the feud, this is really 70's Hollywood at its flimsiest. Trust me, after having my family's history portrayed in comic strips, cartoons, outdoor dramas, old films and so on, this one is probably the worst as it is trying to be considered somewhat accurate, rather than what it should be which is just sheer entertainment. At least they don't portray the families as being toothless, brainless hicks. If that's one thing positive I can say, it's that. The ending is even totally off. I would have to say that even if you have the chance to watch this for free on television, I would probably see if there is some re-run of Beavis and Butthead somewhere
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
Special Meaning
The Hatfields and the McCoys have a special meaning for me, in 1975 on Globo television had a session movie called "Premiere 75" on Saturday night every week, just for unseen movies, so l'd watched this movie in that time and l had beginning to like movies and the next year l had started my movie's book for first time ever, this week my brother gave this movie, but with another title in Brazil, in fact it had already release on VHS in the 90', at once I recognized by the original title and spoke to him how and where l'd watched this picture, in the same night l re-watch it again, Jack Palance and Steve Forrest are great in this low budge TV production although the movie is too shot to fit so complex story like this, however l went to the past for 74 minutes !!!
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020

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