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Lee Min-Ho (TV36)

Lee Min-Ho
gender male
horoscope taurus
birthdate 1982-05-10
birthplace Korea
profession Actor / Host

introduction (TV36)

Lee Min Ho (Korean: 이민호, June 22, 1987 -), South Korean actor, 187 cm tall, made his official debut in 2006 with "Secret Campus", starring in "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009, won the 45th Baeksang Art Awards TV department After the Best Newcomer Award, it became a smash hit. In 2013, he starred in "Heirs" to create another peak in the performing arts career. In 2016, he starred in the Korean drama "Legend of the Blue Ocean" and was selected as the winner of the 2017 Korea National Brand Awards. The Brand Promotion Institute also affirmed his influence around the world and his contribution to the development of Hallyu [1]. He enlisted as a public welfare soldier on May 12, 2017 (retired on April 25, 2019 [2]). In 2020, it will return to the small screen with "The King: Forever Monarch". [3] Lee Min Ho has parents and an older sister. He has a very good relationship with his mother and older sister. Her mother once said that when he was a child, he learned to speak very fast and liked to read newspapers. He was a clever and introverted child who was not good at acting in front of others, so he asked him to learn to speak. When he was in elementary school, Lee Min Ho was taught under the football team Fan Gen. He performed well and was appreciated by the coach. Lee Min Ho once said that no one could beat him in the whole year. When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a football player like Park Ji-sung. However, because of a broken arm in a competition, his father hoped that he could focus more on his studies, so he did not continue to practice. Although he did not become a football player, practicing football still created Lee Min Ho's perseverance, and his outstanding skills also became an opportunity for his future debut. 从中学时代开始,由于外型出众,在路上常被星探相中,便偶尔兼职模特儿,也好奇参加一些试镜。直到高二那年,才认真考虑了演艺之路,与 Starhaus娱乐的社长张英勋代表见了面。张代表回想初次见到李敏镐的情形:“在敏镐高二的寒假时经人介绍认识的。见面后,我看到了他身上的可能性,从第二年开始就一起工作了。”谈及李敏镐什么地方吸引人,又说到:“敏镐是天生就有双美丽的眼睛和笑容的人。并且,当时给人的感觉也很舒服。他的眼睛是那种谁见了都会觉得‘会成为好演员’的那种眼睛。我认为拥有美好笑容的人一定会成功。正因为如此,在他还是新人的时候,广告的邀请接连不断。” In an interview in 2014, Representative Zhang said: "The first time I saw Lee Min Ho was the winter vacation of the second year of high school. It has been 10 years now. I said that not because he is an artist in our company, but he is indeed kind and full of humanity. Friend of. Although he was young at that time, his thoughts were as profound as adults and he was very caring for others. From a newcomer to his current height, he has not changed." When asked Representative Zhang about the significance of Lee Min Ho to the company, Representative Zhang He paused for a while, and then said: "It was very difficult at the start of the company. He has always believed in me. He has not wavered and kept his promises. At this height, although there are many temptations from the outside world, he has never asked me unreasonable. It is to continue to move forward with the company, and bring a lot of hope to the company and the staff. He is a very mature and very grateful friend.” From the calm words of Representative Zhang, we can feel that he has a deep understanding of Lee Min Ho. I feel that they are not ordinary company owners and contracted artists, and they are more like partners who have gone through hard times together. [4] 2003到2005年间担任练习生及广告模特儿,在电视剧中只能担任跑龙套的闲角。2003年的《玉琳的成长日记》中,饰演一位美术系学生;在2004年《男生女生向前走》(Non-stop)中,客串一名歌手;2005《爱情餐歌》中,饰演一名餐厅服务生。