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Yoko Hikasa (TV36)

Yoko Hikasa
gender female
horoscope cancer
birthdate 1985-07-16
birthplace Japan, Kanagawa
profession Dubbing / Actor
IMDb ID nm2932868

introduction (TV36)

Hikasa Yoko (July 16, 1985 -) is a Japanese female voice actor, narrator, and singer. She belongs to I'm Enterprise and was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He is 157cm tall and has blood type O. Because he dreamed of playing completely different roles in "Sailor Moon" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (Tsuki Hare and Katsuragi Misato), I wanted to become a seiyuu [1][2]. After graduating from high school, while studying at the Fashion Specialty School, he entered the Japan Broadcasting and Acting Institute (21st period student) [Note 1] [1]. Undergraduates pass the "Free Newcomer Training Exam" and become special students. In 2007, he appeared in "Sketchbook~full color's~" and debuted on TV animation of Negishi Minami. Akiyama Mio, who appeared in "K-ON!" in 2009, attracted attention afterwards. After starring in "The Last Demon", Hattori Junko, etc., and then starring in "The End of the Century Supernatural Academy" for the first time as the role of Shindai Maya. On the 4th Echo Voice Actor Awards announced on March 6, 2010, a member of the group "Tea Time after school" formed in the drama "K-ON!", together with Toyosaki Aki, Satomi Sato, and Kotobuki Minako and Taketatsu Ayana received singing awards together. In 2013, he sang the ending song for the TV animation "Attack on Titan" and announced that he would debut as a singer[3]. The official website was launched on February 8th of the same year, the first single "Attack on Titan" ending song "美しき残酷な世界", and three consecutive months of music works on sale [4]. In the same year, the official website was updated on April 14th, and the first solo concert was held on October 27th at STUDIO COAST (Japanese: STUDIO COAST) [5].

photo (TV36)

Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa