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Hitomi Nabatame (TV36)

Hitomi Nabatame
gender female
horoscope leo
birthdate 1976-08-04
birthplace Japan, Yokohama
profession Dubbing / Actor
IMDb ID nm1560525

introduction (TV36)

Shengtenmu Hitomi (Japanese: Shengtenmu Hitomi, August 4, 1976[1][1][2]-), Japanese female voice actor, actor and singer. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture[2][3] (born in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture). He is 163cm tall. Type B blood [3]. Xian Production belongs to [2], the theater company Tokyo Dry Battery (Japanese: Theater Group Tokyo Dry Battery) period (joined in April 1998, retired from the group in March 2002) [2] As an actor, he participated in TV drama shooting and stage performances. Vocational school Tokyo Conservatoire Naomi (now renamed Naomi Conservatory of Music Vocational School (Japanese: Naomi Mimiya School)) graduated. Her familiar representative dubbing works include the animation "DokiDoki! "Pretty Girl of Light" protagonist Ai Aida/Love Angel, "Yakushiji Ryoko Bizarre Incident Book" protagonist Yakushiji Ryoko, "Invincible Kanban Girl" protagonist Miki Onimaru, "High School Girl GIRLS-HIGH" protagonist Takahashi Eriko, "Jin "Moon Tan Yue Ji" heroine Alquette Brunstad, "The Magic of Love" heroine Miyama Yuna, the six essays of "The Reincarnation of the Realm", the little snake of "Ganzhi Soul", "Pokemon" "Dream XY" Hitron’s Khalili, "Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse" Krista Bachenova, "Black Witch Academy" Ryotaro Asakura, "Oda Nobuna's Ambition" Katsuya Shibata, Maya Katase from "Together Here and There", Narumi Asaka from the "Card Fight!! Pioneer" series, Yuma Amano (Renarei) from "High School D×D", and "Rodai" Judy Snorewick from "The Harem Toys", "How can my sister be so cute!" "Saori Makishima "Saori Bagina", "Invasion! Cindy Campbell from "Sweet Girl", Misuo Hara, sister of "Simple Modern Magic", Noy from "Blue Dragon", "Summer Storm!" "Master/Sayaka" in "Ikki Tousen", Guan Yu Yunchang in "Ikki Tousen", Ayase Rukko in "The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka", Guixuelu in Hayate the Combat Butler (Japanese: Guixuelu), and GO! Pure Love Swimming Club! Momoko Orizuka, Nanao Ise from BLEACH, Marjolyn Do from Shana Shakugan, Shizuma in the garden from Strawberry Crisis, Mikoto Zhou and Mikoto from "Campus Madden", "Strawberry Cotton Candy" Nobue Ito, the Shrine Singer of "Kokushinkai", Megumi Kishimoto of "GANTZ", Toriko Toriko of "Maria's Gaze" [2]; the game (including the adapted animation) "ToHeart2" ten Ha Yuzhen, the heroine Fina Farm Ashurat of "Lazed Color Before Night Light~Crescent Love~", Bellflower Mist from "Canvas2 ~Rainbow Color Picture~", Aoi Sete of "CHAOS;HEAD", " WHITE ALBUM2's Dongma Hesha[2] etc.; the movie "The Hunger Games" series, and the Korean TV series "Cinderella's Sister" heroine Song Eunzu (played by Wen Jinying), "Hwajung" protagonist Princess Jeongmyung (played by Lee Yoon) ) Japanese dubbing [2]. Shengtianmu Hitomi has been trying to participate in various newcomer selection activities since the days of vocational school. Until the radio show "SOMETHING DREAMS マルチメディアカウントダウン (Japanese: SOMETHING DREAMS マルチメディアカウントダウン)" After the new seiyuu passed the selection, he made his debut as a member of the new seiyuu group "Dreams Come True Club" (including Yukari Tamura, Yui Horie, Yuu Asakawa, etc. who were also selected through the public selection) [Note 1]. After graduating, she was moved by Akiramoto’s Shiba residence, so she joined the theater company Tokyo Dry Battery (Japanese: Theater Group Tokyo Dry Battery) and started as a stage actor[2]. After leaving the group, he entered School Duo (Japanese: スクールデュオ), a seiyuu school under Xian Production, to receive training. After the training, he officially became a member of Xian Production. In 2003, during the training period of School Duo, Sheng Tianmu helped with the role of Lim Lulu (Japanese: リムルル) in the fighting game "Samurai Soul Zero (Japanese: サムライスピリッツzero)", and the heroine of the TV animation "Tan Yue Ji" Alquette ·Blenstad and the heroine of "The Magic of Love" Yuna Miyama dubbed and attracted attention, and she has officially entered the voice actor industry.

photo (TV36)

Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame Hitomi Nabatame