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Doctor Who (2013) (TV36)

9.4/10 16,926
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Doctor Who
genre science fiction
area UK
language English
release date 2013-11-23
IMDb ID tt2779318

In 2013, something terrible is awakening in London's National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion.

director (TV36)

Doctor Who-Nick Herron Nick Herron

writer (TV36)

Doctor Who-Steven Moffat Steven Moffat

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Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who

film review (TV36)

Doctor Who Considered as an exhibit for Sydney's "In Defense of Poesie"
In my reviews of various episodes of Doctor Who I try to take a balanced view, to place each particular episode in the context of the series and to highlight some particular aspect of the production. So, when I first thought about this review, I thought that it would include references to other anniversary shows, the Anniversary Season, the one-shot DIMENSIONS IN TIME, which was so something-for-everyone that it wound up having to be written out of continuity.
guest review Thu Oct 08 2020
Got me back into it excellent.
Was bored so found a random movie TV generator type website (Cant remember what), and this came up. Last episode I watched was Tom Baker as The Dr and a guy who looked like he was out of Cats, all a long time ago. Was bored of netflix so thought bugger it why not. So now Im up to the new season 8. Which is every episode I could find from 1963 to now. The amount of time I've spent watching these episodes is shameful. But Im glad I've taken the time off work for it. Well and truly worth it.
guest review Thu Oct 08 2020
There will never come a time when we don't need a show like Doctor Who
There are shows that are able to transform themselves and become anew every time you rewatch them. This is one of those shows. One random day, 7 years after I started watching Doctor Who, I decided to give it another run, just out of boredom. I was shocked and amazed at the fact that not only my love for it has not changed one bit, but was also enhanced a hundred times. I picked up things that I missed, depth and meanings and I was not able to grasp when I was a kid. I rewatched my childhood show and discovered new things. My childhood show, teaching me new lessons, at 20 years old. How is that even possible?
guest review Thu Oct 08 2020

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