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Dark Season 3 (2020) (TV36)

9/10 10,264
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Dark Season 3
genre science fiction / mystery
area Germany
release date 2020-06-27
season 3
IMDb ID tt10414808

episodes (TV36)

In 2019, Jonas emerges from the cave into a different but not unfamiliar world: The town of Winden reeling from the recent disappearance of a young boy.

director (TV36)

Barron Bo Odal Barron Bo Odal

photos (TV36)

Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3 Dark Season 3

film review (TV36)

Just had re-watched season 1 and 2 and thought I needed that refresher to align my mind, but now it is completely blown.... BIG TIME!!! When you think you know the characters and relationships the writers mix it all up again and amaze you in a completely new way. Without giving too much away the parallel world actually and literally mirrors so many things (e.g. Jonas' home, the layout of the bunker, etc.) but keeps other details the same. Stunning storytelling and ingenious variations on a time-travel story that is unrivalled in it's complexity and brilliance. A TV show that would do Christopher Nolan proud!
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020
From someone who is not biased
This START was so much better than season 1's or 2's !! I literally wanted to keep watching without a single break but I just had to come here and write this. This is how it should be done!! Fantastic acting amazing cinematography and editing! Great production design all with incredible writing! What could go wrong? This episode is one my favorite dark episodes and I honestly have a feeling that after watching each and every episode of this season I'm gonna say the same but well ... THIS IS DARK WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! this is sci fi at its best and SEASON 3 OF DARK is gonna be one of the best TV seasons of all time if not the best!
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020
What we know is a drop(S1&S2), What we don't know is ocean(S3).
What we know is a drop(S1&S2), What we don't know is ocean(S3).Perfect ending and one will never ever imagine that how good and depth this series is.No words will describe it.I am so lucky that I watch this show and follow the series year by year.To understand it and keep up with it you have to remember all the things of previous seasons.I myself watch it 7 or more times both previous seasons.Even after this there come a point when your mind blow away by the complexity and creativity of it.At last you will find all of your answers.Ending will be one where you find peace and also truly understand the title "Dark". "Everything is connected". " End is the beginning and the beginning is the end".
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020

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