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Red Dead Redemption (2010) (TV36)

9.5/10 22,357
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Red Dead Redemption
genre action / west / adventure
area USA
language English
release date 2010
IMDb ID tt1479962

episodes (TV36)

John Marston is being blackmailed by government lawmen to hunt down his former partners-in-crime. Driven further into the American Southwest, Marston soon finds that Williams has crossed into Mexico, a country in the throes of a civil war. At every turn, Marston must choose whether to side with outlaws or innocents in the crossfire.

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Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption

film review (TV36)

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" of Video Games
This is a tale about Redemption in a period set during the decline of the American Frontier. John Marston a former outlaw, is instructed by the Bureau of Investigation who have abducted his wife and son, to bring the members of his former gang to justice, ie. "Capture or Kill" them. Along the way he's found nearly dead and rescued by Bonnie McFarlane, a nearby ranch owner, when he goes against Bill Williamson and his newly found gang situated in Fort Mercer. Then he takes the slower way to get to him. He makes new connections, among those is the nearby town's Sheriff. Trail eventually leads him to Mexico which is on the brink of war, between revolutionaries and conservatives. You will have to make moral choices throughout, in your progress to find Dutch Van der Linde, the leader of your former gang. The story may sound as a western cliche, but it's actually a trap. It grips you and keeps you wanting more. The end is also one of a kind and you will remember it for ever. In time you may realize why the ending was inevitable. This is a very mature and realistic depiction of a southern wild west state bordering Mexico and the events taking place when a man does what needs to be done to protect his family. Story, Plot: 5/5
guest review Thu Sep 17 2020
I loved Grand Theft Auto Four, but this shows how Rockstar just keeps getting better
In 2001 Rockstar made a game that revolutionized gaming. The game was called Grand Theft Auto 3. When most game series had a problem going to the third dimension Rockstar was 2 steps ahead the competition. Grand Theft Auto had great control's for the time and gave you a huge world to do whatever you wanted to do in. Then Gta Vice City came and improved the formula. Gta San Andrease improved it even more, and Gta 4 felt like it perfected open world gaming. Well it turns out Gta 4 isn't perfection due to this game actually being better. It has the best open world graphics I have ever seen. Just sitting back and taking in whats around you is just an amazing experience. The writing like all Rockstar games is some of the best writing you'll find in a video game. The characters are all very memorable, side missions have so much depth that they could be considered part of the game, and dialogue is very good. The atmosphere is very strong. Playing the game you feel involved in a great western movie. The voice acing is top notch as usual from Rockstar just like the story. The controls are very good and easy to master, but what's best about the game is how much you have to do. If you get board of gang hideouts try poker. If you get tired of poker hunt. If you get tired of hunting try to unlock outfits. If you are bored of outfits play the story missions. Even if you completed the game you can still go on your menu, go to stats, go to missions, and you can replay a mission without restarting from the beginning of the story. I would say that this is perfection, but what I've learned from Rockstar is to expect more for them for their next big game. Gta 5 here we come.
guest review Thu Sep 17 2020
One of the all time greats.
'Red Dead Redemption (2010)' is still a great game. It's a sweeping odyssey, an open-world ode to the old west, that's impressive in its scale and scope to this day. It looks fantastic, clearly one of the stand-out games of its generation. There's a huge variety of locations, from dusty planes to dingy saloons, and the map spans from the US to Mexico. The world is on the cusp of modernity, something the very fibre of the land seems to be fighting against. Its touches of technology emphasise this integral narrative theme, with the town of Blackwater being the shining example of a truly 20th century city. The narrative tells the tale of an ex-outlaw forced to find and kill his old companions by the government. It's told with a mixture of satire and sincerity that allows it both to be genuinely funny - and, in plenty of cases, strange - but also genuinely affecting. The game starts out slow, with your activities limited to helping out around a ranch, but it soon picks up the pace and sets you on a real adventure filled with interesting characters, stand-out set-pieces and thematic resonance. The piece is fun to play, too. Riding around its sandbox on your horse is highly enjoyable, as is taking on bounties, clearing out gang hideouts and, if you're so inclined, clashing with the law. Its highlight feature is its 'dead eye' mechanic, which slows time to a crawl so you can take out multiple foes in the blink of an eye. This prevents the thing from playing out entirely as a cover shooter, breaking up the flow of gunfights in a satisfying way. Alongside the main game loop of exploration and combat, there are a handful of entertaining mini-games that could potentially keep you engaged for hours. The piece is still one of the best poker games I've come across. It also has a fully fledged hunting system, with animals that behave in realistic ways. There are plenty of things to do aside from the main missions, which can sometimes be slightly restrictive in that typical 'Rockstar' way. The so-called 'stranger' missions are often downright bizarre, cementing the game's tightrope-walking tone and allowing for some more straightforwardly fun moments. Even during the most comedic of moments, the near nihilism of the thing still finds a way to bitterly cut through. The game essentially portrays a world in which everyone is out for themselves. Ultimately, it does have some hope at its heart, though. The narrative really is fantastic, as thematically rich as it is straight-up entertaining. It doesn't just want to make you laugh, it wants to make you feel. It's probably the most important part of the experience, which is somewhat rare among open-world titles. Overall, this game is easily one of the best I've played. It's a masterpiece. 10/10
guest review Thu Sep 17 2020

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