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Cardinal Season 4 (2020) (TV36)

8.2/10 165
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Cardinal Season 4
genre mystery / crime
area Canada
language English
release date 2020-04-06
season 4
IMDb ID tt9878992

episodes (TV36)

After a prominent Algonquin Bay politician, Sheila Gagne, reports her prosecutor husband missing, Cardinal and Delorme quickly discover that the man has been abducted. A botched extortion attempt results in the death of their only suspect in the case, but they can't find a connection between the victims. Whoever has taken Sheila Gagne's husband sends her a video of him begging for his life but doesn't ask for ransom. Delorme tells Cardinal that she's taking a job in Toronto, and they both struggle with the idea of parting ways.

director (TV36)

Nathan Morando Nathan Morando

writer (TV36)

Patrick Tarr Patrick Tarr

photos (TV36)

Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4 Cardinal Season 4

film review (TV36)

Actually making love, it won't be the end of the play, no
guest review Sat Nov 07 2020
The ending of Cardinal walking into a black hole crime scene is quite symbolic. I remembered the irrelevant sentence "Look at the black hole ahead, it must be the thief's lair, wait until I catch up and kill him clean...". Finished with flowers~
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020
In winter in Canada, I seem to want to wear down jackets. It happened to solve a case in the sixth episode. The heroine is still so handsome, and the heroine is not good at it. Fortunately, there is finally progress.
guest review Wed Nov 04 2020

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