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Backstreet Rookie (2020) (TV36)

7.5/10 602
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Backstreet Rookie
genre comedy / romance
area Korea
language Korean
release date 2020-06-19
IMDb ID tt12516712

Jung Saet Byul is a 22-year-old four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting skills who loves her friends, family, and retro fashion. She has the boys lined up but only has one person who keeps her distracted, Choi Dae Hyun. He became imprinted on her as an unforgettable person after a cigarette errand three years ago. Three years later, Jung Saet Byul meets Choi Dae Hyun again at his convenience store that he now manages and becomes a part-time worker. Here, Saet Byul and Dae Hyun's love story begins as they heal the wounds of the heart, gain love, and become adults dreaming of the future. Their stories unfold into a pleasant comedy within the familiar sensibility of a convenience store.

director (TV36)

Lee Myung Woo Lee Myung Woo

writer (TV36)

Sun Genzhou Sun Genzhou

photos (TV36)

Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie Backstreet Rookie

film review (TV36)

It opened with expectation, and came out full of question marks, sighing for Chi Chang Wook and Jin Yuzhen. I understand that the creators may want to restore the comics and sand sculptures as much as possible, and use the exaggeration and the bitterness of the little characters to contrast, but the problem is really not funny. Why is there still someone doing comedy in 2020? !
guest review Wed Nov 11 2020
Awesome and Very Unique Kdramma, Highly Recommended!
I am a manly man! I love to watch this Kdramma. I have not watched any Kdramma for a long time since I don't have time to watch any boring ones. But this one is definitely an interesting, fun, and unique one that I like to watch. It's so different than any other Kdrama. Especially this Kdramma has the most attractive handsome actor and beautiful actress who caught my eyes and they act so well together and have great chemistry together. The age gap does not matter. I wish they will act again together again in the Action Kdrama in the future.
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020
Makes you feel lot of emotions
Beautiful storyline, marvellous performances..enjoyable to the very core. You feel all kind of emotions while watching the show. I would strongly recommend everyone interested in Korean television shows. Ji Chang Wook is a treat to the eyes. I'm a big fan since his k2 days. His smile, expressions(genuine,not fake and frozen like many of his contemporaries), acting skills, everything about him is amazing.. He's the most captivating Korean actor I've come across. The Series is a funny, lighthearted comedy where you come to care about the characters as if they are your friends or family. Go for it people 👍👍
guest review Sat Sep 12 2020

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