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Stranger Things (2016) (TV36)

8.8/10 766,824
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Stranger Things
genre drama / science fiction / mystery / thriller
area USA
release date 2016-07-15
season 1
IMDb ID tt4574334

episodes (TV36)

In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of a child, which begins to tear at the fabric of an otherwise peaceful community. Dark government agencies and seemingly malevolent supernatural forces converge on the town, while a few of the locals begin to understand that there's more going on than meets the eye.

film review (TV36)

Great Series
The Duffer's were very clever with their way of introducing each and every character in the subtle ways they do. My ONLY complaint would be regarding season 2 - to be completely honest, the plot can feel a little lost at some times (especially during season 2, episode 7. Without giving away too much of the plot, it was very unnecessary and I could still see Stranger Things being as great as it is without this episode in place). Nonetheless, I feel the casting was spot ON and these are some incredible child actors we are looking at here, wise beyond their years and much better than some of the corny Disney/Nickelodeon "actors and actresses" we usually see on screen today.
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
Season 3 was really good.
Honestly felt like this was the best Season out of all 3, was never a dull moment and it flowed really well to the point, it was finished rather quickly.. which was sad for me. This Season was amazingly entertaining and was much scarier than the other seasons! There was product placement for the 'New Cocacola' but it's not available in the UK, so I didn't think too much about it. Don't know why there are so many negative reviews tbh, must be an IMDB domino effect because I haven't met someone in person tell me they hated the latest season, and you can really see the passion from all members of the cast and how hard the whole show must've put in to make this Season as good as what it was!
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
I do not know how to describe this series very well ... I only know it's the best I've ever seen! Stranger Things not only shows the importance of friendship but also shows the power and disposition that someone can do to save a beloved person. Will, a young boy who has many friends and a family who loves him very much, on a day like everyone else, was cycling back to his home alone. But on the way, he finds a mysterious figure who pursues him. The boy disappears, causing a series of mysteries and dangers to Hawkins, Indiana. His parents and friends do absolutely everything to find him, and they discover that he did not die, but he was not in the same world as them ... and yes, in a parallel world. For this series I give 9.9 out of 10. For a single reason ... it takes too long to get new seasons. That's right, I'm taking 0.1 because the show is so good I can not wait! I NEED SEASON 3 !!!!
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020

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