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Westworld (2016) (TV36)

8.7/10 411,119
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genre science fiction / west
area USA
release date 2016-10-02
season 1
IMDb ID tt0475784

episodes (TV36)

This science fiction western series from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy was inspired by Michael Crichton's Westworld (1973) and is set at a Wild West theme park created by Dr. Robert Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) with human-like androids, where guests are encouraged to indulge their fantasies and desires.

film review (TV36)

"Westworld" is a great show but you have to allow it to grow on you. In the beginning the story seems a bit linear and random but as it progresses you will find yourself immersed in an amazing world. The characters are excellent written and quite often you'll find yourself entangled in such plot twists that will make you begging for more. The cast is handpicked and most of the actors constantly deliver solid performances. I almost got fooled by the script and believed that some of the acting was less than perfect but it all turned out to be just another piece in the puzzle. Great images and most of all - perfect soundtrack. The music rightfully surpassed the images at some points. As the mystery unravels you can get a glimpse of where is the story heading but in the same time the twists keep you secondguessing all the way towards the first season's finale. It's not a show for everybody even though the scale of the production and all the hype around it makes it hard to miss. The most amazing part of the show is the mixing of the real world and the "game" world and time's peculiar irrelevance. IMO, this show is about the vanity of the human mind in all it's complexion as well as the most welcomed inevitability of evolution.
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
What does it mean to be a human? Do you dare to seek for an answer.
Well, you won't find answer watching Westworld, but you'll definitely have a lot of questions that will occupy your mind. This series will capture your attention from the first episode and it will hold it all the way to the finale. It's very well "designed", in a way that always leaves you with more than a few questions, not only about show's story, but also raises important philosophical questions about humanity, technology and ethics. What does it mean to be human(?), what defines us(?), what and how are we deep inside(?), these are only a few questions that viewer is left with. Some of my favorite TV shows are The Wire, Oz, Breaking bad, Sopranos... these are all extraordinary TV shows and I can't really compare it to Westworld genre-wise, but because all of the shows above are among the best TV shows ever made ( in my humble opinion, of course! ) I would put Westworld in front of them all. My word fund is not rich enough to depict you the depth of Westworld TV show, I couldn't do that even in my native tongue. My only fear is that the second season will ruin the show ( I know it's premature and uncalled for ), but...----> Yeah, we're all hungry for answers and whatnot, but some questions should be answered by viewer and not by producers, directors, screenwriters etc. because, after all, all this is is money industry, and chasing money can often maim even the best shows. All in all, THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS HAVE VIOLENT ENDS!
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020
The origin of life
The Creator of Life -- Human beings are always curious about the origin of life, exhausting all their means and eager to open the "door" to see the "creator" of human beings discover the mystery of eternal life. ---- Until we started to create the so-called "artificial intelligence" with the "creator" Since we think that humans have mastered the ability to reshape 'species', that is, "artificial intelligence", they have been unable to distinguish between reality and virtuality at all costs in order to survive. Like the great giant, his steps conquered everything in the world but at the end of his life was about to die. People say, "Huge beasts roamed the world, and they were like a mountain." But now they only have amber bones, and even the most powerful species can't beat time. "Someday you will die, buried under the loess with your kind, your dreams will be forgotten, your fears will be worn away, your bones will turn into dust, and on the dust, a new god will Will walk, immortal, because this world does not belong to you, nor to those who have come, here only belongs to those who have not yet arrived "! We are always longing for another way to live forever. Even in this most primitive, barbaric, "western world", the free consciousness that we humans have always been proud of can only be simulated by the data of a book. A new era has arrived, as to whether that door is open. -- This is the choice of human beings, because these cruel joys will end with cruelty!
guest review Sun Sep 13 2020

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