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Breaking Bad Season 5 (2012) (TV36)

9.3/10 19,219
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Breaking Bad Season 5
genre drama / crime
area USA
language English / Spanish / German
release date 2012-07-15
season 5
IMDb ID tt2081647

Flash ahead to Walter's 52nd birthday: he's at a Denny's, disheveled, hair and beard unkempt, using a false name and a New Hampshire driver's license, paying a guy for a car with weapons in the trunk. Back to the immediate aftermath of Gus's death: Skyler is dazed at Walt's murderous success, Walt and Jesse make peace, and Hank visits the burned-out lab. Walt remembers the surveillance cameras Gus used at the lab, so they turn to an angry Mike for help. Can they get rid of the digital evidence in police custody? Is hubris going to trip up Walt?

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5

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A matter of life and death
'Breaking Bad' is one of the most popular rated shows on IMDb, is one of those rarities where every season has either been very positively received or near-universally acclaimed critically and where all of my friends have said nothing but great things about.
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020
a great begining for a bitter end
The show is reaching to it's climax. once again the genius of the writer is showing off but this time it comes out of jesse with his uniq idea of magnet ruining the lap top hard drive. but still walter is at the center of attention. he's the boss now. at least he feels like it. let's see what the show has to offer in future.
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020
One Last Ride!
This is the first episode of the fifth and final season of one of television's greatest shows, Breaking Bad. After a tremendous season four finale, season five opens with a bang even though there were no big moments. The plot slows down a tad, but we still get fantastic acting and a fantastic screenplay filled with excellent dialog. It's also interesting to note how Walter White's character experienced a drastic change from Season One.
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020

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