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Say I Love You To The Moon (2020) (TV36)

Say I Love You To The Moon
genre romance
area China
release date 2020-12-01

Xiao Weiwei and his classmates are always alone when they go home from school and can’t walk together like other students. Xiao Weiwei has been looking forward to having a friend who can accompany her home. On a full moon night, Xiao Weiwei will follow the moon as usual. After seeing the big and round moon Xiao Weixing made a wish that night, she opened her eyes and saw a handsome boy, Yao Earth, who was a freshman from Qiming University like her. Since then, Xiao Weixing and Yao Earth will always meet on the road after school. That 30-minute journey is also the time that Xiao Weixing is most looking forward to. Boys and girls with similar temperaments gradually become good friends in getting along, but Xiao Weixing hopes that their relationship can be one step closer

writer (TV36)

Wei Jun Wei Jun

photos (TV36)

Say I Love You To The Moon Say I Love You To The Moon Say I Love You To The Moon

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