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Custody Dispute (2020) (TV36)

Custody Dispute
genre drama / romance / mystery / family / crime
area Russia
language Russian
release date 2020-05-11
season 1

episodes (TV36)

An unpleasant unexpected encounter made Stas Eugene (Alexander Davidoff), the son of a construction giant, break into the life of Lena (Марина Коняшкина), a female college student from the province who majored in costume design. Everything seemed to come too fast and too "smooth", Lena was pregnant with her daughter Lisa before marriage, and became a member of the wealthy Eugene family under the shade of her loving father-in-law.

Lena's family life was actually choppy. Stas is an insecure and even shameless inferior in his bones, but he will upset the peace that his wife has carefully maintained due to the misconception of others. This family that once gave Lena countless warmth left her with nothing...but she will always fight for her right as a mother.

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Custody Dispute

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