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Aspirants Aspirants
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Big (2021) (TV36)

genre reality show
area Hong Kong
language Cantonese
release date 2021-04-19
season 1

episodes (TV36)

Ai granules and farmers join hands to build a new whole show, two major combination of ghosts, playing the horse, the whole artifice, build a series of funny "hi", and the opportunity to be teased at any time in your body!Zhong is not enough!The whole team will also penetrate into the TVB different creows, the program group, and to all departments, set the agencies or problems in the shooting site, and the sneaky lens is everywhere, "the plot" is like illusion, and the intention to make the whole object I don't know how to fall.Circle, challenge its ultimate bottom line, there is a big play!The "April Fool" can be pumped, and it is ready to pay back to the big bonus!Who will become the next goal?

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A little boring
guest review Thu Apr 22 2021
Long-lost Ai
guest review Thu Apr 22 2021
Wait and see
guest review Thu Apr 22 2021

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