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Shoothing 4Men (2021) (TV36)

Shoothing 4Men
genre reality show
area Korea
language Korean
release date 2021-07-13

The first guest of the SBS new variety "Shutdown 40 Member" was invited to Song Yuhao and P.O.

"Shooting 4Men" is missing, where is away, eager to happiness, a single age of 50.5 years, four men invited guests to go to their own homes to observe the show.

In the first phase of the column group, I can see "Restilent 4Men" Zhuo Yu Xun, Lin Yuanxi, Li Shangmin, Jin Junxi and the guest Song Yuhao, P.O.Song Yuhao, P.O Visit is the "National Heart Sour" Lin Yuanxi's home, under the concept of comfort, it is expected to hear the true ideas such as the love of love, and marrying.

In particular, "restless 4Men" with separation of pain (?) In order to solve the curiosity about love, marriage, "the nearest children" Song Yuhao, P.O to start a question.When I talked about "The Standard", Song Yuhao and Po heard that Li Shangmin "The two people in a space" is awkward ", Zhuo is very surprised after the speech" of each other ", the end of each other," is very surprised, feel hardPassover "generation ditch".

It is reported that from the "restless 4Men" ups and downs and love story to the real recommendation of the crush marriage, the two are always in surprise.

"Shoothing 4Men" will be broadcast at 11:10 on July 13, South Korea.

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Hahaha, the bear child will be chased.
guest review Sun Jul 18 2021
Like, the chemical reaction is absolutely
guest review Sun Jul 18 2021

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