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Lala Land (2021) (TV36)

Lala Land
genre music / reality show
area Korea
language Korean
release date 2021-08-10

The Channel A channel is expected to start a new music variety "legendary music classroom - Lala Land" in August.

"Lala Land" is a performance person to learn to sing to the legendary singer, and then challenge the music variety of random singing tasks through 100% reflecting the original singing singing.

Previous programs announced that Shen Dongyu, Jin Tingne, Li Yixi (Li Wei), Gao Yafai, on July 8, announced Cao Shi, Huang Guangxi on July 8.

The column group said: "After the main MC Shen Dong and the 'OST goddess' Jin Tingan Li Yumei, Cao Shi, Huang Guangxi finally joined, realized a wonderful combination. The two have the self-esteem as the singer, and the intense songs are launched. Please look forward to the birth smile, song,Touching the five senses meet the music entertainment program. "

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Lala Land

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