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Critical Role (2015) (TV36)

9.3/10 7,044
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Critical Role
genre drama / action / mystery / war / fantasy / adventure / reality show
area USA
language English
release date 2015-03-14
IMDb ID tt4834232

The campaign follows a group of adventurers in the world of Exandria where they accomplish many tasks that lead them throughout the continent of Tal'Dorei and beyond. The farther they go on their journey the more they learn just how big the world can be and how heavy a weight it can impose; along with how chaotic, cold, and cruel. Will this band of misfits survive their little adventure and is there more waiting unseen beyond the edge of their perception? The only way to find out is to watch their stories unfold within the glorious episodes of....Critical Role....

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Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role Critical Role

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The best and most immersive representation of tabletop gameplay
This is the best televised dungeon and dragons(homebrew/tweaked) series i have ever seen. Rarely ever do i like the position of spectator when people are playing games. But for 48 episodes i've been eagerly longing for the next. The dungeon master Matthew Mercer is a storyteller extraordinaire. All the other characters are of equal importance to the story Matthew develops. Each and every one of the actors adding a unique touch and feel to the campaigns. From serious to in for a good laugh you will be engulfed in an array of creative problem solving. Immersive roleplay and an excellent distribution of heroic moments between characters where all actors respect their assisting role at the right time allowing for each character to shine.
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020
More Than A Game.
Ever since the early years of the 1970's, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has entertained only the imaginations and fulfilled the dreams of wanting to be in a Tolkien-esqe Fantasy World, whether it be finding the lost treasures of countless ancient tales, battling the scourge of a Vampire Lord or defeating the mighty dragon gods themselves, D&D can do those things and more, but back on the 12th of March, 2015, Critical Role, with a cast of wonderful voice actors, with their dice, pen and paper or tablet device, sat around some cameras and streamed live for the masses for the very first time, now with over 750+ hours worth of episodes now, Critical Role has become a pop culture icon, each character or non player character will be etched in history for old and new fans, so with that said, will you become a part of Vox Machina's or The Mighty Nein's campaigns across the lands of Exandria, what would you like to do?
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020
The most seamless blend between comedy, action, and drama I've ever seen.
I stumbled upon this web series quite early in its airing. It mainly caught my interest because of the cast. Nine voice actors in total, some of which you never knew you knew, make up this extremely well rounded and semi-professional improvisational group of adventurers. Developing a human being is no easy feat, and to make each and every character as unique as they are, it's astounding. With the cherry on top that is their years of experience in voice acting, it is a joy to listen to them all whenever they speak. Now what got me to stay was the absurdly well spun story, custom built by the dungeon master. The writing of this loose script is pulled off amazingly, and the only thing that would make it better is to have an actual cast behind the creator to voice each character. Don't get me wrong, he does do a fantastic job with each one, breathing life into every being in his world. From the characters born from both the players and the DM, comes the gut busting, tear jerking, most jaw dropping story that I have ever had the pleasure to witness unfold before me. As of writing this review today on the Thursday of May 19, 2016, I await the impending exhilaration of watching the newest episode, number 54. To all of those reading this, I have one question for you. Is it Thursday yet?
guest review Mon Sep 14 2020

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